Pregnancy is no laughing matter – Think before you become an April Fool

Life is hard as a women with infertility and unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss. Now I don’t say this to get pity just to open some peoples eyes, and encourage you to think and be considerate before you make fun and jokes out of pregnancy.

Whether you’re announcing your preganancy as an April fool’s joke, or if you’re posting fake pee-sticks on Facebook or Twitter, it’s hurtful and down-right mean to those who’ve struggled for years to get pregnant. I try my best when someone announces their pregnancy to not get disheartened. It gives me hope but also hurts my heart as it reminds me what I have been wanting and working towards for ten years.

There is one day a year where people think it is funny to announce they are pregnant as a joke but instead it demeans the beauty of motherhood, and hurts those struggling with infertility. I’ve thought a lot about this last year and I keep thinking would you joke about a limb being cut off? Would you joke about a traumatic brain injury?

The pain and loss that one goes through with infertility or recurrent pregnancy loss is comparable to a close relative passing. This is real grief, real pain; I know people don’t always mean to be inconsiderate and hurt others, but I ask that before you do make fun of pregnancy or make a joke of it, think of the millions of people who are less fertile, or have lost their babies.  This is just one perspective, one view from a grieving yet-to-be-mother.

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