6-year-old girl forced to leave Foster Home Because She’s 1.5 percent Choctaw

March 23, 2016

I support Native Americans as much as anyone. I believe they got a major raw deal from us “White folk”, and honestly we haven’t done enough to even touch on the atrocities our forebears have done.

Yet, as a former foster mom, I can tell you taking a child away from a loving family and “stability” is not the right thing to do. The 1978 Indian child Welfare  Act was a law passed to keep Native American Families together, but is often used by tribes to keep any child with even an ounce of Native American blood with someone in the tribe.

I understand that they are close knit communities and don’t want to see their numbers die down. But little Lexi has lived with the Pages for 4 years. She’s only 6, meaning she likely cannot remember anything beyond this family. To her they are her real parents.

“Let me speak directly to the people who took our daughter and who have her now… Please search deep into your heart and soul and do what’s best for Lexi. Do the right thing and bring Lexi back home. Do not keep her one more minute. Do not force her to spend one more night away from us and her siblings. Look her in the eyes and just ask her what she wants. She will tell you she wants to go home. I’m begging every American within the sound of my voice to help us bring Lexi back home.”

The Pages began an online petition at Change.org which currently has over 87,000 signatures. They also have gofundme and facebook pages.

Here are some tweets about this campaign.


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